Creative & Innovation at WORK


Businesses, organizations and individuals alike are operating in an environment of constant and rapid change. Technology has eliminated many "traditional" jobs but continues to create new ones. New industries, new markets, new products and new processes emerge and proliferate. To survive and remain relevant will require us all to become better innovators. Innovations stem from the creativity of people.




How you will benefit

  • Assist individuals and organisations to create and innovate
  • Generate new ideas that enable them to survive and prosper in today's highly volatile and competitive business environment and contribute to securing future success.
  • Provides examples of successful companies who have achieved outstanding results through innovative approaches and incorporates exercises that encourage those attending to apply the thinking, tools and techniques discussed to their own specific organisations.

Who should attend

Anyone who has a desire to develop their own creative thinking abilities and wishes to create a climate of creativity and innovation in their organisation.

What you will cover

Module 1: The practice of Innovation

  • Forget, Unlearn, Dismantle
  • What if?
  • Innovative Connections
  • Levels of Innovation
  • Alternative Uses
  • Practical Individual Creative Skills

Module 2: The innovative Personality and Skills Sets

  • Inquisitiveness
  • Building networks
  • The Rebel
  • Personalities connecting to Innovation
  • Brainwriting
  • The Problem - Solving Games
  • Analystical Thinking Test
  • Test of Creativity
  • Building a Winning Team
  • Team and Traditional Work Units

Module 3: The Culture of Innovation

  • Determine Your Current Culture
  • Open Source Innovation
  • Where do babies (innovative ideas) come from?
  • Failure Notedbook
  • Faces of Innovation
  • Building an Innovative culture

Module 4: The Innovation Process

  • Open Source Innovation
  • Deep Inquiry
  • Creative Collage Making
  • Disassembling
  • Question Circle
  • Deep Empathy
  • Blue Ocean Technique
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

8 hours training - 1 day


Live Online
3,100 $
14 Aug 2025