Managing International Mergers and Acquisitions


In today’s global environment, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are increasingly becoming an expectation rather than exception for companies and managers working in a multinational context. Although such fusions are often near-perfect matches in terms of product and/or technical expertise, it is estimated that between 60% and 80% of cross-cultural mergers fail - largely because the issue of cultural difference was not taken into account during the preparation and implementation process.  Indeed, direct losses, underperformance, opportunity costs and poor return on investment can all be related to a failure to apply cultural awareness throughout the pre and post-merger planning and implementation processes.

In response to a growing need for a culturally sensitive approach to effecting cross-cultural mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, RBNC’s Managing International Mergers and Acquisitions courses take an intercultural approach, linking the cultural dimension as a central component to every stage of the merger process.

How you will benefit

  • The necessary awareness of the central role of culture in international mergers and acquisitions
  • An understanding of the added value of incorporating intercultural approaches to mergers and acquisitions planning and implementation
  • The opportunity to identify and analyze fundamental cultural components in mergers and acquisitions planning, preparation and implementation
  • The opportunity to develop strategies linking culture with the organizational components of merger planning and implementation
  • The tools to develop cultural awareness and cross-cultural competence to effectively manage the cultural challenges inherent in any merger processes

Who should attend

A RBNC Managing International Mergers and Acquisitions course will be of benefit to you if:

  • You are involved in conducting a cross-cultural merger or joint venture
  • You are in a managing position in a recently effected merger or joint venture
  • Your work involved close and/or contact with colleagues from other cultures in the development of cross-cultural R&D programs and/or ventures

What you will cover

All our Managing International Mergers & Acquisitions training courses are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their specific requirements and existing skills set. A Managing International Mergers & Acquisitions course typically includes:

  • The role of individual, national and organizational culture
  • Planning and preparing for an international merger or acquisition
  • Intercultural due diligence
  • The implementation process
  • Building trust and relationships
  • Cross-cultural management skills
  • Challenges and solutions
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

8 hours training - 1 day


New York City
2,300 $
11 Aug 2021