Translating the Business Strategy to Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines


People talks too much about the Visions, Mission and Strategy, but they are only achieved when tasks are understood, priorities are established and deadlines are properly set



How you will benefit

  • Explain the link between strategic planning and task accomplishment
  • Describe task objectives, constraints and stakeholders
  • Set task priorities and deadlines
  • Improve task outcomes when working in groups and teams
  • Communicate, justify and persuade others when it comes to changes to task assignments

Who should attend

RBNC designed this course for all professionals, from all industries, who want to acquire essential skills to create and develop an effective and efficient workplace environment. It is designed for team leaders, supervisors, managers and section heads who are interested in improving their personal productivity or that of the people they manage or work with, whether on a project or within a department

What you will cover 

Module 1: VMOSA model (Top down)

  • Why VMOSA: Vision + Mission + Objectives + Strategy + Actions
  • How to decode from strategy to execution
  • Role of organizational structures in getting tasks done

Module 2: Setting task priorities and deadlines (Bottom up)

  • How we deal with tasks - an assessment
  • Task management and work
  • Planning, scheduling and meeting deadlines
  • Task management and the development of priorities
  • Managing meetings, e-mails, and interruptions
  • What to do lists and managing priorities
  • Time wasters, procrastination and immediate demands
  • Tasks and automation
  • Task management and stress

Module 3: Tasks and shared responsibilities

  • Skills needed when assistance is needed
  • The four rights of delegation
  • Working effectively with others
  • Interpersonal skills and task accomplishment
  • Personal work styles and task accomplishment
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Improving task productivity

Module 4: Changing tasks effectively

  • Improving task learning and understanding
  • Communicating changes to task assignments
  • Employee reactions to changes in task assignments: The importance of engagement and ownership
  • Overcoming natural resistance to changing tasks
  • Managing changes to tasks effectively
  • Personal plans and self-management
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

8 hours training - 1 day


New York
4,500 $
19 Oct 2024
Live Online
4,500 $
11 Dec 2024
Live Online
4,500 $
08 Dec 2025

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