CXO Search & Interim

Practices With Global Clients

CXO Search & Interim Services are responsible for many high profile chair and non-executive director appointments as well as executive board roles. Our role is to advise on how a board could be structured, who might best fill the role and how to attract them. Then we implement our advice, combining flair, rigor and teamwork in our search for people who add real value. Good process ensures that the ground is thoroughly covered; it ensures that candidates are impeccably treated; it keeps the client and other stakeholders fully consulted and properly involved.

We only focus on all positions with a base salary of at least USD250,000 (CxO) and USD100,000 (Executive Assistant) per annum, operating at a global, regional or local level. To discuss your leadership needs OR if you wish to join C-Level Team at RBNC, please speak to one of our Global Business Advisor

Why Clients Partner with Us

  • For established companies, as a C-Suite Executive Advisor, RBNC can provide the leadership required during unexpected events or special projects
  • For new companies, as a C-Suite Executive Advisor, RBNC can get you up and running in the right direction to exceed strategic plans and goals 
  • When companies are in the middle of competitive warfare, as a C-Suite Executive Advisor, RBNC knows you need the right leadership in place. Stakeholders all over the world are kept up at night worrying over leadership capabilities and whether they are strong enough to lead the company where it needs to go

CXO Search & Interim

There are two main differentiators between our approach and that of our peers.

  • The first is gaining a real understanding of our clients’ corporate strategy, cultures through conversations with all of the directors at the outset of every assignment. 
  • The second is our commitment to look beyond our databases to find CXO who can contribute real value to our clients’ enterprises.

Board Evaluation

Our approach to board assessment is straightforward and tailored to your specific needs. It allows directors and management to reinforce areas of strength and get issues on the table in order to resolve them. Through a process that includes a broad survey and in-depth conversations with all of the directors and key members of the management team, we are able to develop a list of recommended actions based on director and management views, and benchmarked against our understanding of best practices, that results in a better functioning board and improved collaboration among all the players

Board Effectiveness Consulting

Occasionally, even the best corporate boards bog down under the weight of compliance issues, committee responsibilities and lengthy board meeting agendas. Often, they are left with too little time to effectively counsel management on strategic challenges. Other times, there may be a single issue that is holding the board back – i.e., an inadequate process for evaluating the CEO or a personality issue that is negatively affecting board dynamics.

C-Suite Executive

We operate All Positions Global in Africa, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Europe & The Middle East, North America...

Executive Assistant

One of the Most Powerful Person in the Office: Executive Assistant to Top Management offers big impact to organization...

We can help. We work with boards to streamline and improve processes and procedures, and resolve other sensitive issues that impede high performance, please speak to one of our Global Business Advisor