Intrapreneurship - Startup Inside of Corporate Masterclass


Do you dream of bringing fresh ideas to life but wonder how to navigate a large organization?

Intrapreneurship or Startup Inside of Corporate offers a powerful path for employees to think and act like entrepreneurs within the established structure of a company. This program equips you with the skills and mindset to champion innovative ideas, develop new products or services, and drive growth – all while leveraging the resources and support of your organization.

Note: The Training Program Includes 5 Modules:

  • Module 1: START - Design Thinking - 2 days of OFFLINE  Training & 4 weeks of online project Coaching
  • Module 2: INSPIRE - Product Development - 2 days of online Training & 4 weeks off online project Coaching
  • Module 3: REAL WORLD - Financial Model - 2 days of online Training & 4 weeks of online project Coaching
  • Module 4: LAUNCH - Go to the Market - 2 days of online Training & 4 weeks off online project Coaching
  • Module 5: UP - Packaging, Fundraising and Next Steps - 2 days of online Training & OFFLINE Project Presentation

How you will benefit

  • Discover the key characteristics and strategies of successful intrapreneurs.
  • Learn how to identify and validate promising new ventures within your company.
  • Develop a framework for building a business plan and securing resources.
  • Navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of launching something new within a larger organization.

Who should attend

This intrapreneurship training program would be a great fit for a variety of employees within your organization, particularly those who:

  • Demonstrate initiative and a problem-solving mindset: These are individuals who take the lead, identify challenges, and actively seek solutions.
  • Have a strong interest in innovation: They're curious, creative, and excited by the prospect of developing new ideas and bringing them to life.
  • Express a desire for intrapreneurial opportunities: These are employees who want to make a bigger impact within the company and feel energized by the prospect of working on something new.
  • Possess strong communication and collaboration skills: Intrapreneurs need to effectively convey their ideas, build buy-in from others, and work collaboratively across departments.
  • Are comfortable with a certain level of ambiguity: The intrapreneurial journey involves uncertainties and pivots. This program is ideal for those who can adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment.

While some might think this program is just for specific departments like R&D or marketing, individuals from all areas of the company can benefit. Having a diverse range of perspectives fosters a richer pool of ideas and creates a more well-rounded approach to innovation.

What you will cover

Module 1: START - Design Thinking

(2 days of Training & 4 weeks of project Coaching)

  • Unveiling Intrapreneurship: Your Toolkit for Corporate Innovation
    • Define intrapreneurship and its role in driving corporate growth.
    • Explore successful examples of intrapreneurship within established companies.
    • Identify the key characteristics and mindset of a thriving intrapreneur.
  • Design Thinking: Building the Foundation for Your Intrapreneurial Journey
    • Understand the core principles of design thinking and its application in intrapreneurship.
    • Learn a practical framework for user-centered problem-solving and opportunity identification.
    • Practice various design thinking tools and activities to refine innovative ideas.

Module 2: INSPIRE - Product Development  

(2 days of Training & 4 weeks of project Coaching)

  • Demystifying the Product Development Process:
    • Understand the core stages of product development for intrapreneurs.
    • Learn how to prioritize features and functionalities for your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  • From Prototype to MVP:
    • Explore effective prototyping techniques for validating your intrapreneurial idea.
    • Learn how to transition your prototype into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
    • Understand the importance of testing and iterating on your MVP based on user feedback.
  • The Road to a Real Product:
    • Explore strategies for securing resources and building a team for your intrapreneurial venture.
    • Gain insights into navigating internal approvals and stakeholder management within a corporation.
    • Develop a roadmap for transitioning your MVP into a full-fledged product launch.

Module 3: REAL WORLD - Financial Model

(2 days of Training & 4 weeks of project Coaching)

  • Understanding the Business Model Canvas:
    • Learn the framework for crafting a clear and concise business model for your intrapreneurial venture.
    • Analyze your idea through different lenses like customer segments, value propositions, revenue streams, and cost structures.
  • Financial Modeling Essentials:
    • Gain an introduction to key financial statements relevant to intrapreneurship (income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet).
    • Learn basic financial modeling techniques to forecast revenue, costs, and profitability for your venture.
  • Planning for Success: Budgeting and Risk Management:
    • Develop a practical budget to estimate financial resources needed for your intrapreneurial project.
    • Identify and assess potential risks associated with your venture and develop strategies to mitigate them.
    • Connect your financial model to your business model, ensuring your idea is financially sustainable.

Module 4: LAUNCH - Go to the Market

(2 days of Training & 4 weeks of project Coaching)

  • Developing a Winning Marketing Plan:
    • Learn how to identify your target audience and develop a compelling value proposition.
    • Explore effective marketing channels to reach your customers within the corporate environment.
    • Craft a clear marketing message that resonates with your target audience.
  • Building a Sales Strategy for Your Intrapreneurial Project:
    • Understand different sales methodologies relevant to intrapreneurial ventures.
    • Learn how to navigate internal sales channels and leverage existing company resources.
    • Develop compelling sales pitches and negotiation strategies for your product or service.
  • The Power of Pilot Sales:
    • Understand the importance of pilot sales for gathering customer feedback and refining your offering.
    • Learn how to design and execute a successful pilot sales program for your intrapreneurial venture.
  • Building Momentum:
    • Analyze results from your pilot sales and use them to iterate and improve your product or service.
    • Develop strategies for scaling your venture beyond the pilot stage and achieving sustainable growth.

Module 5: UP - Packaging, Fundraising and Next Steps

(2 days of Training & 4 weeks of project Coaching)

  • Crafting a Compelling Pitch:
    • Learn how to effectively communicate your business idea or product to secure internal buy-in and resources.
    • Develop a clear and concise pitch deck that highlights the value proposition, market opportunity, and competitive advantage of your venture.
  • Building Your Funding Strategy:
    • Explore different funding options available to intrapreneurs within a corporation (internal grants, venture capital funding, etc.).
    • Learn how to develop a compelling fundraising plan tailored to your specific needs.
    • Gain insights into the process of pitching to potential investors or decision-makers within the organization.
  • Building a Sustainable Future:
    • Develop strategies for integrating your venture into the larger corporate structure for long-term success.
    • Learn how to navigate internal politics and build relationships with key stakeholders within the organization
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


New York
12,500 $
25 Aug & 26 Aug 2025

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