Mastering Data - Analyzing, Interpreting, and Business Decisions


Reports are one of the most powerful tools to manage a business, but how to make smarter business decisions using these data is not an easy job for user(s) and management team. RBNC designed this training program to assist participants to explore proven quantitative tools and methods for analyzing, interpreting and utilizing data




How you will benefit

  • Understand the importance of reporting
  • Understand and how to master tools for data analysis
  • How to organize, summarize and interpret quantitative data
  • How to link the interpretation with business
  • How to create a repeatable process for analyzing your data

Who should attend

This training program is for evveryone who want to productively handle the spreadsheets, reports and information

What you will cover

Module 1: Business, Report and Data

  • Business direction and what you want to learn
  • How to design an effective report: easy to use and not bias
  • What kind of data related to business direction

Module 2: How to Collect Data

  • Understand and apply various data collection methods
  • Identify and resolve problems associated with data collection
  • Be Clear the Pros and Cons of data manipulation
  • Determine if data samples are adequate

Module 3: How to Interpret

  • Understand the importance of accurately interpreting data
  • Determine and analyze risk, uncertainty, and probability
  • Spot patterns, trends, and fluctuations through correlation, regression, and descriptive statistics

Module 4: How to Present Big Data

  • Identify the needs of information from the audience
  • Convert the interpretation into wording
  • How to communicate your findings effectively to your audience
  • Your recommendation from big data to drive decisions within your organization
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

8 hours training - 1 day


New York
3,500 $
22 Jan 2025
Live Online
3,500 $
21 Aug 2025
3,500 $
09 Oct 2025
Live Online
3,500 $
25 Dec 2025

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