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Product Development & Management


Developing a product is the art of doing business, your product must reflex your company's brand position in any market. Managing a product is an upper level after development, it's taken a lot of effort to make the product align with brand strategy and profit. RBNC designed this training program based on these foundations.




How you will benefit

  • Appropriately allocate resources among products
  • Prepare a meaningful business case
  • Price products to optimize product and product-line profitability
  • Determine the most effective methods for obtaining and integrating market feedback to drive product decisions
  • Effectively manage your product team, even without direct authority
  • Influence all stake-holders in your products
  • Develop a top-notch launch plan
  • Optimize the marketing mix

Who should attend

Product Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents of Product Management, Engineers looking to move into or interfacing with Product Management Strategic planners, VPs, and others who manage product portfolios and corporate strategy. This course is both for those managing existing products and launching new products

What you will cover

Module 1: Corporate and Product Strategy

  • Correlation between Corporate and Product Strategy
  • Which stage your corporate is at Business Life Cycle
  • When do you need new products

Module 2: Key Concept of Product Development

  • Product Concept in different industries
  • New Product Development Levels
  • Tools for testing and developing New Products

Module 3: Product Development & Management Process

  • Step 1: Identify new product opportunities
  • Step 2: Set up objectives
  • Step 3: Establish new product ideas and testing
  • Step 4: Develop new product
  • Step 5: New product test
  • Step 6: Develop marketing plan
  • Step 7: Introduce to the test market (product pilot) & Risk management plan
  • Step 8: Launch product national
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


Live Online
4,200 $
11 Apr & 12 Apr 2025
New York
4,200 $
14 Oct & 15 Oct 2025

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