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Certified Luxury Academy Program


This practical training program is designed with:

  • 16 hours training 
  • 03 months one-on-one coaching




How you will benefit

 By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand What Luxury Is
  • Understand Affluent Clients Insight
  • How to Sell Luxury Products or Services to Clients
  • How to Handle Difficult Clients and Provide Premium Services

Who should attend

Everyone who are currently working in Luxury Products & Services Business

What you will cover

Module 1: What is Luxury?

  • Understanding Luxury
  • Perception of Luxury
  • Understanding the Affluent
  • Needs of the Affluent
  • Concerns of the Affluent
  • Language of Luxury

Module 2: The art of Small talk

  • Avoid responses that kill conversations
  • Use strategies that start a conversation
  • Avoid awkward silences
  • Using small talk to make a positive impact
  • Break into a conversationtactfully and politely
  • Use strategies to maintain a conversation
  • Control conversations with confidence

Module 3: Business Ettique

  • Handle business introductions professionally
  • Create and maintain an impression of credibility, power and efficiency
  • Create a great first impression
  • Grooming & personal appearance
  • Proper written communication etiquette
  • Etiquette, protocol and manners of formal dining

Module 4: Luxury Ambassador

  • Turn every contact into a meaningful, positive experience
  • Build engaging long-term relationships and enhance customer loyalty
  • Connect emotionally with affluent customers
  • Discover customer expectations and then exceed them
  • Personalise each customer interaction
  • Learn the art of observation
  • Build a relationship of trust with the customer
  • Stop being a service associate and become an Ambassador

Module 5: The Polished Professional

  • Dealing with delicate situations
  • Dealing with unusual or inappropriate requests
  • How to behave if your clients arguing or fight in front of you
  • Understanding different cultures and their approach
  • Resolving awkward situations
  • Dealing with exceptionally difficult clients
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


Live Online
4,500 $
24 Jan & 25 Jan 2023
4,500 $
13 Jul & 14 Jul 2023

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