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Service Marketing: from Strategy to Execution


This practical training program is designed basing on the following questions:

  • What business are we in?
  • What service processes can be used in our operation?
  • Who are our customers and how should we relate to them?
  • What should be the core and supplementary elements of our service product?
  • What price should we charge for our service?
  • How should we communicate what our service has to offer?
  • What are the options for delivering our service?
  • How can we balance productivity and quality?
  • How should we match demand and productive capacity?
  • What are appropriate roles for people and technology?
  • How can our firm achieve service leadership?



How you will benefit

At the end of this training, participants are able to:

  • Describe what kinds of business are classified as services
  • Recognize the major changes occurring in the service sector
  • Identify the characteristics that make services different from goods
  • Understand the 8Ps of integrated services management
  • Integrate the marketing, operations, and human resource functions

Who should attend

Senior management up to top management levels who wish to improve their business from strategy to execution. This training program is also best fit for Marketing team who are looking for a differentiate direction for your organization.

What you will cover

Module 1: The Service Customer

  • Managing Service Encounters
  • Customer Behavior in Service Environments
  • Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty
  • Complaint Handling and Service Recovery

Module 2: Service Marketing Strategy

  • The Service Product
  • Pricing Strategies for Services
  • Promotion and Education
  • Service Positioning and Design

Module 3: Service Delivery Issues

  • Creating Value Through Productivity and Quality
  • Balancing Demand and Capacity
  • Managing Customer Waiting Lines and Reservations

Module 4: Integrating Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources

  • Employee Roles in Service Organizations
  • The Impact of Technology on Services
  • Organizing for Service Leadership
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


Live Online
4,200 $
23 Jun & 24 Jun 2025
New York
4,200 $
24 Oct & 25 Oct 2025

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