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Pharmacy Retail Management


  • The aim of any retail pharmacy manager/business owner is to maximise profit while minimising costs. Depending on the size of the store, manager/business owner may also be required to deal with human resources, marketing, logistics, information technology, customer service and finance.
  • RBNC designed this training program focusing only on business development and management a pharmacy NOT healthcare and medical foundation

How you will benefit

  • Understand retail business standard
  • Understand customer behavior in a retail pharmacy environment linking to: Customer solutions/services; Cost of treatment; Convenience; Communication
  • Use proper merchandising and promotional strategies to improve sales performance and customer loyalty
  • Develop successful sales plans to grow pharmacy profitability

Who should attend

  • Retail Pharmacy Manager/Business Owner who want to discover the various traits of Successful Retail Pharmacy Management through actual case studies and industry best practices that showcase the required skills and strategies
  • You are pharmaceutical companies who want to organize this training program for your pharmacy channel

What you will cover

Module 1: The Retail Pharmacy Environment

  • Pharmacy Retailing and Channel of Distribution
  • Global Trends in Retailing
  • Retailing Biggest Challenges
  • Today Retail Pharmacy Environment

Module 2: What Customers Really Want

  • Uncovering Your Customers Hierarchy of Needs
  • Understanding the Customer Decision Making Process
  • Customer Behavior Models

Module 3: Retail Pharmacy Strategies

  • Strategies for Competitive Advantage
  • The EST Model: Achieving Strategic Positioning

Module 4: Pharmacy Sales Performance Measurement

  • What to Measure and When?
  • Financial Analysis and Management
  • Retail Ratios and Gross Margin Analysis
  • Auditing the Retail Store Performance
  • Understanding the Strategic Profit Model
  • Computing the Return on Net Worth

Module 5: Retail Pharmacy Sales Management

  • The Role of Pharmacist, Technician, Sales Associates
  • Relationship Selling and Retailing
  • The Importance of Recruiting Superstars
  • Developing a Candidate Profile and Interviewing Skills
  • Motivating the Sales People
  • Define and Measure Metrics and KPIs

Module 6: Customer Service Management

  • Trends in Customer Relations
  • Shaping Customer Perceptions
  • Developing Your Own Service Strategy
  • Customer Service Requirements
  • Facts About Customer Complaints
  • A Retail Success Blueprint
Study Time

This practical training program is designed with:

16 hours training - 2 days


New York
7,000 $
17 Apr & 18 Apr 2025
7,000 $
29 Apr & 30 Apr 2025

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